David Stewart Holdings aims to provide high quality value-added products for the water and wastewater applications in various industries. With the knowledge gained from years of experience, David Stewart Holdings provides a high level of technological expertise to assist in water management.

David Stewart Holdings has identified a number of local partners for leveraging strategic alliances with industries and universities in Australia to assist with innovation and product development. The company believes the value of these partnerships as priceless.

David Stewart Holdings is poised for a tremendous growth in the coming years as a consequence of its highly experienced sales and marketing personnel offering tailored solutions to the producers and users of water and recycled water.



  • Building Industry
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  • Civil Infrastructure Industry
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  • Mining Industry
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  • Water and Wastewater Industry
Specialty Chemicals

Aquatint Polymeric Colourant

AQUATINT is a blue colorant designed exclusively for use in recycled water and it is stable in recycled water with a pH range of 2-9

Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

David Stewart Holdings believes in product innovation and this can be achieved only by solving water challenges, along with meeting industry