With the advent of extensive urban water recycling through dual reticulation, there is potential for cross connection between water distribution systems.

Whilst water utilities provide extensive barriers that ensure the safety of recycled water designated for non-potable domestic use (e.g. toilet flushing and domestic irrigation), there is nonetheless a requirement to detect such instances to maintain public confidence and acceptance of recycled water initiatives.

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AQUATINTTM is a blue colorant designed exclusively for use in recycled water.
AQUATINTTM is stable in recycled water with a pH range of 2-9

1.The first container (dark brown) is ‘Mixed Liquor Bioreactor’.

2.The second container (colourless) is ‘Treated effluent (recycled water)’ after being filtered through Membranes’.

3.The third container (light blue) is ‘Membranes Filtered Effluent With AQUATINT’

Features & Benefits

Easy to use and easy to handle. eliminates dust problems associated with powdered dyes. Dispensing can be easily automated.

Reduced Staining

Reduced or Eliminates staining on most hard surfaces. easy to clean equipment.

Storage and Handling

Stable to freezing. However, storage above 5°C is recommended to maintain good flow characteristics.


AQUATINT is available in 18.1kg drums

AQUATINT Dosing Unit

A dosing unit is required to regulate the flow of AQUATINT to the recycled water to the desired ppm (part per million) level. (The standard is 0.50-1.50ppm).

This unit is available from David Stewart Holdings Pty Ltd. And can be purchased as a package (AQUATINT plus Dosing Unit) or separately.