About Us

David Stewart Holdings Pty Ltd (DSH) was established in 2006 with an aim to focus on providing individually customized recycled water solutions on reducing operating costs, environmental protection, and improving flexibility, reliability and safety of all its products when put to use in various applications.

DSH also focuses on customers’ needs to optimize water use and at the same time minimizing the impact on the local environment and waterways, in view of our commitment to the environment and the communities in which we serve.

The work of DSH covers a wide range of industries, where its range of products are put to best use in various applications and adding value for customers to see and experience its significant benefits. This covers a diverse range of customers in the water & wastewater, civil construction & infrastructure, quarrying and mining industries.

By taking a technical and scientific approach with expertise tapped from its technically qualified personnel, DSH is being recognized by many as a provider of ‘Total Water Solutions’ in the market place. Also, the breadth of knowledge and experience gained by its key personnel has generated a highly regarded reputation for DSH locally in Australia and overseas.

DSH adapts and applies its technology and products where cost-effectiveness and sustainability are the keys to its prolonged success. The engineered solutions provided to our customers address mounting water quality, scarcity and demand issues, which is paramount to the various industries that it serves.

The goal of DSH is to enable its customers to meet their increasing water demands and application needs, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance their environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements.

DSH believes in building strong customer relationships. Working together as ‘Partners in Progress’ is the mission of DSH to ensure our customers achieve their desired results in optimizing costs and to prepare themselves for the evolving demands of their respective industry.